BLOOD + GLITTER (Vol​.​1​-​Blood)

by Dr. Death + Mr. Vile

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We begin the first part of our double album experience with "BLOOD + GLITTER (Vol.1-Blood)" This is the darker side of our musical madness. We locked ourselves in our studio for a few months to create this album. And between wine, psychosis, talking demon babies, dark lyrics and horror flicks we emerged the other side of this insanity drained and proud. We worked very hard on this album and we hope it shows. NOW. About the pricing. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A DIME FOR THIS ALBUM! That's right. Not a penny. All you have to do is enter a zero and then you can click download and the album is yours!!!!! ALL we ask is that you listen to it and maybe show your friends. BURN CDs! Blast it in your car! annoy your friends and work associates til they themselves download it! AND SHARE IT SHARE IT SHARE IT! We want to give you the best Dr. Death + Mr. Vile we can and we can only do that if our fan base grows and grows! NOW.... IF you decide to buy this album you can pay ANY price you want! ANY! Every dime you donate to us goes right into merch, equipment or other random live stuff so we can bring you the best live show and music that we can! We want to thank each and every one of you for believing in us and we hope this can repay you even slightly for the love that our amazing fan base continues to give us! Feel free to drop us a line to tell us what you think of this album or pass it off to whatever D.J.s / Radio stations / Music blogs and-or who ever.... Again Thank YOU!

Sincerely, Dr. Death + Mr. Vile.....
p.s. "BLOOD + GLITTER (Vol.2-Glitter)" is closer then you know and we are equally proud of it.


released June 14, 2014

All Songs Written, Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered By: Dr. Death + Mr. Vile

Additional vocals on "BLOOD" By: Johnny Perry

Additional vocals on "Forever & Always - Always & Forever" By: Bunny R. Abbit

Photography By: Amanda Rothrock

Additional Photo Editing By: Nathan Harms



all rights reserved


Dr. Death + Mr. Vile Denver, Colorado

Dr. Death + Mr. Vile is a two piece power house out of Denver Colorado. Mixing Dark Synth Pop and a subtle 80's overtone. DD+MV is a fresh take on the electronic field of music.

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Track Name: BLOOD (Featuring - Johnny Perry)

Stupid kids all wait in line
Like the latest drug what a waste of time
Over symphonic and out of luck
Over dramatic we don’t give a fuck

(We wanna taste your blood)

A bit of crime warning violation
A lot of sex and intoxication
Just like sheep you follow trends
You hear this song and kill all your friends


And if you really believe a word that I say
The your parents really fucked you up

Track Name: killKillKILLKILL!

Welcome to the carnival
Lots of sex and medication
Curtains up the drinks are full
Take a bow and bleed temptation
Freaks and clowns are laughing loudly
Grab your crown and then surround me
Grab the knives and love a stranger
Stick em in and love the danger

(Aint nobody ever gonna love you
Might as well go and kill kill kill kill )

Welcome to a piece of hell
We’re doing swell it’s quite a party
Whips and gags but not for pleasure
Hold on tight the night is starting
Break the sweat and break the bones
Rip the skin and die alone
The devil’s coming home for dinner
The way she screams we picked a winner


Sing the chorus
Sing the song of killing
Sing the anthem
No one’s ever willing
Sing the chorus
Sing the song of killing
Sing the anthem


Kill Kill Kill Kill
Track Name: I Am A Whisper
I Am A Whisper

I am a surgeon I am an actor
This isn't happy ever after
My little demon I’ll be your monster
A precious nightmare but it’ll cost her

And I don’t want you to think that
You got away with murder
The skeleton’s in the closet
Like a child to nurture

(I am a whisper
I am a whisper
Sneaking up on you like an Armageddon)

I am a poet not very violent
But if you want hell I will define it
You are the joke and I am the laughter
You are a walking fucking disaster

And I don’t want you to think that
You got away with murder
The skeleton’s in the closet
Like a child to nurture


Glitter glitter lots of drugs dirty needles drenched in blood
Shattered hands are doing fine slit some wrists and drink some wine
Murder murder sweet romance sing this song and dance that dance
Pretentious strangers cigarettes go ahead and place your bets


I am a whisper
Track Name: We'd Love To Eat Ya (Eat Ya)
We’d Love to Eat Ya (Eat Ya)

I’ll be your bastard I’ll be your master
All wrapped in plastic ever after
I’ll be a gentleman you be an animal
I’ll be your heroin you be my cannibal

(We’re pleased to meet ya meet ya
We’d love to eat ya eat ya
Like a sex party or cannibalistic love song baby)

I’ll be a sharp knife because it feels right
I’ll be a fresh scar you be a dead star
I’ll be a stiff drink you’ll get a big one
You’ll be a target I’ll be a big gun


Track Name: Forever & Always - Always & Forever (Featuring - Bunny R. Abbit )
Forever & Always - Always & Forever

Hope’s done with what we’d become
Cut ties white wine and Valium
We’re left here scared and broken
Lost love and things we've spoken
Fast lights loud songs and glitter
I've found that skin like winter
Broken hearts are never winners
But love always finds the sinners

(Forever and Always - Always and Forever)

When shadows feed the deep kiss
Those are the things that I miss
Your promises were wanted
They danced like kings in my head
Gave way gave up so sudden
Not knowing what was something
I hate all that could have been
I vomit when you kiss him


Let the crowds scream your name
The reason for all of my pain
I’ll love you with every note I sing
With everything - everything

Track Name: Break My Body
Break My Body

You’re a parasite feeding on the dead
All those words you fed me are whispers in my head
I’m tracing morphine into blood streams
Like a princess in a bad dream

(I will break my mind
I will break my body for you
I will kill them all
Burn the world down cos I adore you)

Just a body count so go and count me out
All the sweet lies that fall from your mouth
I’m done with trusting when it means nothing
You change your mind like eyes changing color


Here’s the crowd and here’s the chorus
Bring the demons out to play

Track Name: FuNH0usE

In the dark glowing eyes
In shadows dancing knives
In the dark monsters breath
Breathing fire sharpened teeth
In the dark dead men sing
Howl and growl skin that bleeds
In the dark ghosts that howl
Steal the show take a bow

(Your skin is so worth slicing
That taste is so enticing
Little girl I know your dreaming
Better go back back to sleep now)

Silver buttons speak a name Fickled like a heretic
With confetti you’re so pretty eat your stitches make me sick
Cotton candy time to party fucking gangsta burn it down
Little kisses kill the misses say a prayer learn to drown

In the dark dead men sing
Howl and growl skin that bleeds
In the dark ghosts that howl
Steal the show take a bow


Bloody polka dots and menstrual nightmares
Blood balloons pop extravaganza
Feed the rats left over entrails
Cotton candy laced with acid
Take a bath in chopped up children
Take a bath in chopped up children
Take a breath now no one’s killing


Don’t ever trust my friend
In the dark severed limbs
Take a chance on a whim
In the dark meet your end
In the dark psychos grow
Let them loose watch them go
In the dark fear is born
Praise the dark fear the lord
Track Name: Bow Down
Bow Down

I've got those two feet trapped below me
I swore that harlot didn't own me
Like a moth drawn to the bright flame
It’s dead before it even feels pain

(I know that somebody’s gonna get me
I know that it aint gonna be pretty
So bow down bow down like a death king
Bow down bow down like a drama queen)

I've got that nightmare but I’m not sleeping
Like a secret not worth keeping
A touch of champagne and depression
If life’s a teacher then I’m a lesson


Bow down at the mountain

If I’m out of bounds now
Then I might be escaping
And the screams are too loud
From the bones you’re breaking

Track Name: Siren Song
Siren Song

I’m gonna shake to the bass now we’re gonna go insane
I’m gonna growl with the big clouds we’re gonna make it rain
You’re gonna move to the beat now we’re gonna rot your brain
I’m gonna cut to the meat now we’re gonna cause you pain

(Bat those eyes my darling we both know you hate me
So much blood on sterling they all know you hate me)

I’m gonna tie your limbs down Have my way with a pretty knife
Your gonna buy my albums I’m gonna end your life
Tongue in cheek with a twisted humor bit of class and a lot of style
Watch us growing like a tumor Dr. Death and Mr. Vile


We all know the song is ending time to get political
If you have a life worth wasting that would be incredible
Fickled eyes the lies that bind us burning witches at the stake
Fuck statistics kill the richest make em beg before you take


This isn't over
It’s just the start
Track Name: The Silence Of Euthanasia (A Bitter Sweet Tale Of Mortality)
The Silence Of Euthanasia (A Bitter Sweet Tale Of Mortality)

In the shadows we all look the same
Peeling skin bleeding eyes and hearts of shame
Deep inside we all make believe
Wounded pride shaking hands they won’t deceive

(And I’m not here for the atmosphere
I’d rather be dead then bored
We all live dissolved in love and fear
Our frail bodies left and ignored)

In the mind we all regret each breath
Cos all that follows is the sweetest pain
With each kiss upon the supple breast
Of this life that wines and dines and goes insane