BLOOD + GLITTER (Vol. 2​-​Glitter)

by Dr. Death + Mr. Vile

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We conclude our double album experience with "BLOOD + GLITTER (Vol.2-Glitter)" This is the brighter more dancy side of our musical madness. We tapped our “Demonic disco” side and went to new experimental places we have NEVER gone. Lyrically this album represents a lot of close and person themes to us. We hope you enjoy this ying to our yang and can now hear both parts of this two part album the way it was supposed to be heard…. TOGETHER! NOW. About the pricing. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A DIME FOR THIS ALBUM! That's right. Not a penny. All you have to do is enter a zero and then you can click download and the album is yours!!!!! ALL we ask is that you listen to it and maybe show your friends. BURN CDs! Blast it in your car! annoy your friends and work associates til they themselves download it! AND SHARE IT SHARE IT SHARE IT! We want to give you the best Dr. Death + Mr. Vile we can and we can only do that if our fan base grows and grows! NOW.... IF you decide to buy this album you can pay ANY price you want! ANY! Every dime you donate to us goes right into merch, equipment or other random live stuff so we can bring you the best live show and music that we can! We want to thank each and every one of you for believing in us and we hope this can repay you even slightly for the love that our amazing fan base continues to give us! Feel free to drop us a line to tell us what you think of this album or pass it off to whatever D.J.s / Radio stations / Music blogs and-or who ever.... Again Thank YOU!


released September 27, 2014

All Songs Written, Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered By: Dr. Death + Mr. Vile

Photography By: Amanda Rothrock

Additional Photo Editing By: Nathan Harms



all rights reserved


Dr. Death + Mr. Vile Denver, Colorado

Dr. Death + Mr. Vile is a two piece power house out of Denver Colorado. Mixing Dark Synth Pop and a subtle 80's overtone. DD+MV is a fresh take on the electronic field of music.

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Track Name: No More Promises
No More Promises

I won’t believe you more then I have to
three words a read through they all but argue

And I don’t want to be this haunted
Not what you wanted

(And I don’t wanna be another zombie
One of the walking dead a bullet in my head
No more promises
Fuck your promises)

We don’t belong here not ever after
You’ll be my prisoner I’ll be your captor

And I don’t want to be this haunted
Not what you wanted


When the lights are low
I will hold you close
Hold you by the throat
And I won’t let go

You’re the master mind in this game we play
A total waste of time mixed with love and hate
You’re fucking with my head
You’re fucking with my head
A lack of oxygen a lack of..

And I don’t want to be this haunted
Not what you wanted

Track Name: Sex Voice
Sex Voice

So come on
The bight is almost over
So jump on
It sure beats being sober

And I hope that you’re having fun
The masquerade had just begun
The DJ spins the time has come
So drink those drinks and play in love

(And I don’t
Don’t see
What you see in me
Come on baby say it once
Let me hear your sex voice)

So drink up
The days aren't getting longer
And keep up
These drinks are getting stronger

And I hope your weak in the knees
And sweat it drips and then it bleeds
Not what we want but what we need
Til we collapse and cannot breathe


Track Name: Dancing On Graves
Dancing On Graves

Pass that brilliant bit of ecstasy
Filled my glass full when you’re next to me
Drunk on your touch it gets the best of me
Bat those sweet eyes you’ll get the rest of me

(Cos we’re dancing on graves dancing til the morning
Dancing on graves cos it feels so right
Dancing on graves cos it’s better than mourning
Dancing on graves tonight)

Trickled back beat move like hollow hands
The sound is so deep it swings like ghostly bands
A nectar so sweet that no one understands
We’ll burn the world down if they don’t meet demands


Track Name: Blush

Ecstasy the overwhelming breathing air but not inhaling
I'm not selling poetry I'm not selling thunder
Something wrong the devil sees us he plays a song that’s filled with sweetness
I'm not selling fairy tales but no one knows the sound of your breathing

(You know the blinds are bright and blue and white across red leather
You know your skin is soft I kiss across I make you blush now)

Drunk as hell the love that blinds us no one there will ever find us
I’m not selling my empathy I’m not selling lies
Tip the scales the harshest winter saints that fell were never sinners
I’m not selling promises but no one has a heart worth breaking


Make you blush now
Drunk as hell now
Touch your skin now
Let me in now

Track Name: Strobe Light Riots
Strobe Light Riots

Pop music bubblegum feel the beat that makes you numb
The day is started when it’s done poor that drink and get you some
Shattered lights and moving hands the floor is shaking with the bands
And here’s a crowd that understands that life is short when you make plans

(And I don’t want to make you nervous
but leave those shadows and get those dancin’ feet a movin)

Find a stranger start to dance meet those eyes and lock a glance
Pop those pills and drop a trance it’s just sex but not romance
Never mind the honest thoughts in the morning you’ll be lost
Pay the fun but not the cost feel the beat until it drops


Come on baby til the beat goes and drops down

Losing sleep to kill your pain
The whole thing drives you insane
Feed the monster with a noose
Or a bottle of vermouth

Track Name: Hand Over The Flames
Hand Over The Flames

Sweet death meet me like an old friend
Greet my life like a story book end
When I wore my heart on a tragic sleeve
What a what a tragedy

(With your hand over the flames playing young lovers games
One way or another this ends when we both burn )

Sweet taste of a winters pale morning
Meeting regret head on with a silent warning
When I crossed a path it wasn’t wrong or right
But I tried but I tried but I tried my best in a selfish light


Take a breath now
Try to calm down

I don’t know where I go when I get lost in my dreaming

Track Name: Monophobia

I’ve been trying like a winter set travesty
A better part of me that no one ever sees
But then fate smiles like a beautiful masquerade
And I self medicate yeah I self medicate
And as I hear that voice screaming like a ghost within
The dreams are dark again like the sweetest sin
With that plastic grin dripping with apathy
I don’t wanna be your friend or enemy

(But I don’t wanna be anywhere but here)

I felt the breeze pass by poking at my paper skin
Moonshine oxygen and things I can’t defend
No more choices that reflect how all this love is blind
It’s what you leave behind the shadows still remind
Me of sweeter days that were gentle lies
The part of me that dies monophobic cries
My stupid fucking grin that drowns in empathy
I will never be your friend or enemy

(But I don’t wanna be anywhere but here
I don’t wanna die anywhere but here)

So take that part of me no one will ever see
Til the day you grieve for what will never be
As the lights run out no need to scream and shout
A lack of oxygen a lack of . . .

Track Name: Hearts Full Of Blood
Hearts Full Of Blood

I just slipped on the wings of an angel
I just sipped on a heart full of blood
Silk and gold the leaves of a willow
No one knows the name of my love
Secret words belong to another
Hope to break the sweetest words sing
Fickled eyes the smile that blinds her
Strangers once that met in a dream

(Dancing in my head. Laughing in my head.
Dancing in my head. Laughing at me.
Get out of my head)

I just spoke to the gods in the heavens
I just choked on a shooting star
I don’t speak in sixes or sevens
Stitching light that’s seen from afar
Sweetest love fills rooms like violins
Tell me gently lost and confused
Equal parts both love and violence
Held or hurt then fucked and abused


Now I Know why
I don't sleep at night

Track Name: ORBIT

Better hold on tight now cos a storm’s upon us
Better push that deep down where the heart’s not honest
Better pour that drink now let it drown in silence
Better go to sleep now

(I will follow follow you forever
Through the hollow hollow through the clever
Through the shallow waters through bad weather
I will follow follow you forever)

Shouldn’t have that feeling like a heart worth beating
Cos’ it’s ripe for killing like a love that’s screaming
When I’m fucked up on you like a drug that’s dreaming
Better hold on tight now


Drop the beat down
Drop the beat like it’s 1985

Track Name: I Dream OF Bass
I Dream Of Bass

As I wake up early greet you like a sunrise’
Devils laugh devils love devils surprise
Sweetest thought when I look deep into your ocean eyes
We both know we’re not as clever as we seem
Angels laugh angels love angels scream
As I meet deep within those candy coated dreams

(Good night sweet bass the smiles on her face
The winters war was found six feet under the ground)

Now I say sweet dreams eager like a sunset
Drink a glass of wine while trying just to forget
Stilled the greatest nerves and wrote it like you should regret me
Like electrical and typical in dark rooms
Diamonds lie pictures hang just like flowers bloom
Then wilt and die just in time for the story of me and you


“words of regret”


(Good night sweet bass the smiles on her face
A love that’s sharp as knives that glitters in the darkest skies)